Hello there!

I am Katerina Serbezova, the designer and maker behind the Serendipity and KYOSHK brands through whose products I try to reflect architecture and human experiences in the world. I am an architect by profession, but over the years I found myself increasingly wanting to challenge my designer thinking to ideate items that I can then use my own hands to create. My background in architecture and design experience have both helped me develop a deep appreciation of simple clean aesthetic and elegant construction details. At the same time ever since my high school years when I first became interested in architecture, I have been fascinated by the multifaceted relationship between human-designed structures and Nature.

The leading principles of my designs are simplicity, functionality and durability. I strive to create items that make people appreciate the exclusive treatment of the material and recognize the passionate quest for style and lightness. Trying to steer clear of the wasteful fast fashion trends, my objective is to design items that will stand the test of time. I want my products to be dependable, well used, treasured items that are durable enough to take some knocks and scrapes, and that gain character with use.

 With these goals in mind I created Serendipity and KYOSHK.

  • Serendipity is the name of my jewelry brand.
  • Kyoshk shows a glimpse of my interior design projects and handmade decorative pieces for your home.

Relying on both traditional and contemporary methods, I design and carefully handcraft every single piece in the Serendipity studio. I am passionately dedicated to the creative process from beginning to end and always seek innovations, small and large. 

Thank you for entering the world of Serendipity! I hope you will join us on our journey and we hope we can bring beauty to your world. 


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